We're building something we think is pretty special in the web3 world. And like most things, what we’re building is better with the right people. Join us as a customer, partner, or employee.

Leadership Team

We're a team of startup veterans with various successes (and failures) across web1 and web2.

Scott Kveton


Steven Osborn


Alyssa Merit


Devin Sweeting



We work with existing marketplaces and collectors to engage and profit from their passions. Our platform helps authenticate these collectibles and then layers on a variety of services around lending, insurance, vaulting and community-ownership (aka fractionalization). We enable our partners with verified, investment-grade physical assets to buy, sell and trade in their own branded marketplace while handling all of the details around payments, security, and compliance.

This is the PERFECT time to join an early stage company and this is not our first rodeo.


Bias towards action

Our core value is a bias towards action. Do something rather than try to get consensus via endless meetings and questions. If you get it wrong, at least we learned something and we won't fault someone if they took action.



Knowing how the company is doing is important and its easy to gloss over this. We try to be as transparent as we can about where we're at as a company, cash levels, business deals we're doing, challenges we're facing and wins we've gotten. My goal is to create an environment of learning that will lead to a team of future co-founders starting their own things in the years to come.


Most Advanced Yet Acceptable - MAYA

This is based on a premise from the designer Raymond Loewy that said you should build the most advanced thing that you can that is still acceptable by users/customers/consumers. The idea here being that building the most sophisticated product with the latest technology actually was a detriment to the product being adopted. Instead of being steeped in the latest/greatest technology here at Jump, we focus on use-cases that pull users forward while leaning on the fact that bleeding edge technology has enabled what’s possible and acceptable to be that much further towards the edge of the envelope.


Jump Operating Manual

Everything else lives in the Jump operating manual.

Also, we pride ourselves on clockwork over culture.